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Sometimes group revision sessions simply do not provide the the level of support individual students require. We believe students should be given every opportunity to reach their potential with lessons tailored to the specific requirements of that invididual.

The Grade Factory provides one-to-one tuition services during evenings and weekends to accomodate the individual circumstances of each student.

Similar to our revision classes, we carefully vet our educators to ensure we deliver top quality tutoring services to our students. All our educators have at least 5+ years teaching experience in their respective subject and have a proven track record of success in some of Northern Irelad's top performing schools.

Why choose private tuition?

Private tuition provides your child with the individual support they might need to ensure they acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to succeed in their studies.

Some young people require a more personal one-to-one learning structure in order to achieve the same gains some students can achieve in a group learning context.

We provide our personal tuition service exclusively through online services enabling students to learn from the comfort of their own home.

Research has shown the many benefits of personal tuition in providing a risk-free climate for students to ask questions and make mistakes without the pressure of having to speak in front of their peers. Young people gain confidence in a supportive learning environment, developing a relationship of trust with their tutor enabling them to acquire new knowledge and understanding all at their own pace.

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