The Benefits of Private Tuition

The benefits of private tuition are well-documented, offering individual students with a level of support that goes far beyond the benefits offered through normal classroom contact time.

Through our website, The Grade Factory provides parents and students alike access to tutors of distinction who boast a high level of success in some of Northern Ireland's top performing schools. Whether it's bespoke revision sessions or private tuition, The Grade Factory will help your child 'make the grade'.

Smaller class sizes results in better results

Several research studies have shown a link between better educational outcomes and smaller class sizes. Smaller class sizes enables teachers to match the pace of their lessons with the students in the class. They are also able to provide more individual support when required. Students who require more time to process more difficult concepts can get left behind as teachers focus on the collective needs of the group rather than the individual. 

Private tuition either in smaller groups or one on one provides students with greater access to the teacher. The teacher can also ensure lessons are designed to suit the learning needs of the individual.

Improved Confidence

Working with a private tutor can not only boost student confidence through improving their subject knowledge but also through providing continuous postive reinforcement. Praise and encouragement can not only raise self-esteem but also boost a student whole relationship with education.

Greater determination to succeed

One of the keys to success of the tutor-tutee relationship is building trust and good tutors will seek to build this from the beginning. The tutees will not only have increased accountability to the tutor but also will have increased motivation to do well in an attept to impress their tutor.

Improved testing opportunities

Private tuition provides more opportunities for tutors to practice a range of learning strategies with tutees. This might include recall practice, interleaving, low stakes testing as well as more formal testing strategies. The tutor can also help tutees improve their exam technique and greater insight into how examiners mark exams in order to achieve better scores across the examination paper.

Enhanced learning opportunities

Tutees can benefit from a more open environment for discussion not only in terms of having more freedom to ask questions but also more opportunities to discuss non-subject related questions such as careers, further study etc. These discussions provide a greater beadth of understanding 

Provides a distraction-free space

Classrooms are full of distractions for students and these can reduce lesson efficacy. Access to modern technologies can also impact upon the ability of the student to concentrate. Private tuition removes these distractions providing students with the time, space and focus they need to improve understanding and learning potential.


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